Sinner by Trish Heinrich

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Sinner (Monsters & Artifacts #4) by Trish Heinrich

All the things I’d seen and done, the dangers I’d survived, and nothing terrified me more than loving her.
I’d gotten used to being alone. It was the only way to protect others from the beast inside of me. But then I met Nina, and little by little, she melted my frozen heart and made me feel again.
When she was taken and experimented on by evil men, I did whatever it took to get her back. I thought it was over, that I could go back to loving her from a distance while she charmed the rich and powerful.
I never said I was smart.
Not only do the men who turned her into a living artifact want her back, but my employers want her gone and the Archive wants to lock her up.
With enemies everywhere, and the power Nina was forced to absorb slowly killing her, we have to pretend to be lovers in order to find the one artifact that can save her life. It isn’t long before the lines between guarding her and loving her begin to blur, and every moment I’m with her the beast inside is demanding that we claim her for our own.
I may be the only one that can protect Nina from the world, but who is going to protect her from me?

Sinner – Trish Heinrich

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