Sinister by Melinda Terranova

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Sinister (Devils of Sable Lakes #1) by Melinda Terranova

My adoptive brother, Sinisa Vitiello, is an a$$hole.

After my mom and dad were murdered, their best friends adopted me. Sin’s made it well known that I’m not wanted in his family.
I had a plan, once I finished high school, to road trip across the country and attend the same university as my mom.
All I’ve wanted was to find my roots and to feel like I belong somewhere.
One sinister package was all it took for my plans to crumble.
I’ve now been ordered to attend Sable Lakes University where Sin and my two best friends, Rome and Chaser, can watch over me.
Life gets interesting when obsession and jealousy run wild.
I question my morals and my sanity. But one thing is for certain.
Together we reign and together we fall.

Sinister – Melinda Terranova

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