Single Mom for the Bikers by Stephanie Brother

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Single Mom for the Bikers (Screaming Eagles MC #8) by Stephanie Brother

Three big biker Daddies are about to rock the world of one lonely, single mom.
“Mommy? Who’s that?”
When I come home to find a massive, unconscious biker in my driveway, there’s only one man I dare call for help.
Far too young, I ran away and put my trust in the wrong man, a slick jerk who laughed in my face when he found out I was pregnant. The only one who was there for me was Havoc, a member of the Screaming Eagles MC, and regular at the bar where I worked. Covered in tattoos and scary as heck, when he found out about my situation, he became the big brother I never had and helped me finally go home.
But my ex and his club, the Pit Vipers MC, were a constant looming threat until they were finally destroyed by the Screaming Eagles. Now, after years of having to be strong for my little girl, my life is about to get turned upside down by three men who would kill to make sure we’re safe.
Phoenix has something dark simmering under the surface, something vicious that he’ll raise heaven and hell to make sure Mia and I never experience. All that intensity should scare me, but it’s not fear that has my heart racing.
Sledge is strong and passionate. With him at our back, no one would dare mess with us ever again, and when he pulls me into his lap, I feel so small and vulnerable, but it’s anything but innocent.
And Havoc… He’s been my protector for so long. When he finally looks at me and sees past the scared girl he met so many years ago to the woman I’ve become, the fire that burns between us is going to spark an inferno that reshapes all our lives.
My little girl isn’t the only one who needs a daddy… or three.

Single Mom for the Bikers – Stephanie Brother

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