Sinfully Wanton by Kathleen Ayers

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Sinfully Wanton (The Five Deadly Sins #5) by Kathleen Ayers

A seductive virgin. An experienced older rake.

Lady Aurora Sinclair is no stranger to scandalous behavior, after all, she is a Deadly Sin. Now that she’s survived two Seasons, Aurora is bored. Far more curious about things of a physical nature than she should be, her interests will soon lead her down the path to ruin. A solution presents itself, in the form of Mr. Charles Worthington, her brother’s business partner.
He is older. Vastly experienced. Something of a rake.
Perfect for her purposes.
Worth is at first shocked, then shamefully intrigued to be propositioned by Lady Aurora. Not only does she have questions of a sexual nature, but she is insisting on demonstrations. At first, Worth declines her request even after she boldly kisses him senseless.
But Aurora is persistent. She trusts Worth to teach, not ruin her.
If he doesn’t help Aurora in her…research, she’ll simply approach another gentleman. A scandal would erupt. Her reputation ruined.
And he wants Aurora far too much to let another man have her.

Sinfully Wanton – Kathleen Ayers

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