Sinful Pride by Natalie Wish

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Sinful Pride (Hell of a Heaven #4) by Natalie Wish

A sinful stag night and a wedding full of romantic gestures and chaos.

Putting Hellion in charge of the stag night may have been a mistake. Leave it to the demon to turn the Steel Velvet club into an absolute den of debauchery. But somehow Auriolus will survive until the end of the night, where it’s his turn to take the stage and show everyone how it’s done. In the meantime, he will watch Zachariel taking Hellion in hand and Lucifer punishing Michael for misbehaving.

Abaddon feels a bit feral, trapped in a club brimming with lust. He just wants to claim Auriolus in every way possible. Soon. Now. He can’t wait to stake his claim during the bachelor party and then reaffirm it at the wedding. Everyone needs to see who Auriolus belongs to.
Tirael is a nobody, just a secretary. An angel who sinned but got a chance at redemption through work at the Embassy. So why are there not one but two powerful beings suddenly interested in him? Beelzebub offers pain as a way to atone, while Raphael gives Tirael an opportunity to let go of all his worries. With such a potent mix promising to fulfill all his hidden desires how can he say no?

Sinful Pride – Natalie Wish

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