Silent Sins by Edie James

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Silent Sins (Redemption Creek #4) by Edie James

Rescuing his black-sheep younger brother from yet another mess is nothing new for former SEAL and current Redemption Creek operative Mason Ortiz. Being forced to team up with a brilliant––and seriously controlling––FBI agent absolutely is, though. Mason will do anything to get his brother out of danger, but Special Agent Avery Ellis is only going to compromise this mission, in every way possible.
Between his wayward younger brother and the headstrong agent, he’ll have his hands full just keeping them all alive, don’t even add taking down the smugglers pouring black market pharmaceuticals into the country.
Just when Mason thinks his brother and Avery are safe, the game changes. A new enemy emerge, an entity powerful enough to make them all disappear, Mason’s Redemption Creek team included.

Redemption Creek: Where ranches run forever, granite peaks touch the sky, and wounded hearts seek home. Betrayed by their superiors, the former soldiers of Black-out Squadron are determined to carve out new lives. Their plan? Seek justice for folks who can’t fight their own battles.

Silent Sins – Edie James

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