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Should Have Been Me (Pembrooke #4) by Jessica Prince

She’s a sunny, sassy photographer.
Jolie Prescott has always been in love with love. She spent most of her life walking around with hearts in her eyes and immediately jumped at the chance to start a wedding planning company with her two best friends. So when her own fiancé called off their wedding and immediately started dating someone else, it was a major blow she never saw coming. The gossip about it finally starts to die down in her small town. Then her ex announced he’s engaged again. And his new fiancée just happens to be Jolie’s worst enemy. Which makes it really inconvenient that she can’t seem to stop thinking inappropriate thoughts about that woman’s moody half-brother.

He is the ultimate grump.
Vaughn Cavanagh never thought he’d set foot back in Pembrooke, Wyoming after moving away when he was thirteen, but when his father gets sick, he uproots his life to try to repair their frayed relationship. The only thing standing in his way is his spoiled brat half-sister, her determination to throw the ultimate wedding, and her beef with a certain wedding photographer he can’t get out of his head.
When one impulsive act leads to Vaughn announcing he and Jolie are dating, the two have no choice but to fake their relationship to save face. But when feelings enter the picture and lines start to blur, Vaughn has to decide if he’s willing to give up his quiet, solitary life and stay in Pembrooke for a woman he never intended to fall for, or if he’s going to risk losing everything because he’s too afraid to take that leap.

Should Have Been Me – Jessica Prince

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