Ship Mates by Megan Becker

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Ship Mates (The Mates and Dates Collection #2) by Megan Becker

Gwen is looking for a dose of vitamin sea.
Sawyer’s trying to Find his life’s porpoise.
They’ll need to reel in the pain from their pasts if they’re going to get hooked on each other.

When Gwendolyn Pierce agrees to join her grandmother on a Caribbean cruise, she’s looking forward to rest, relaxation, and working through the writer’s block that followed her best-selling romance debut… and her break-up. But Gwen waves goodbye to the idea of an easy, stress-free vacation when she realizes that Gram has an ulterior motive: set Gwen up with Sawyer Dawson, the very sexy, very single grandson of Gram’s pen pal, Nancy.
Gwen has no desire to jump into the deep end with a stranger, especially when there are so many other fish in the sea that don’t constantly make her want to throw herself overboard. Despite Sawyer making a terrible first—and second—impression, Gwen promises Gram that she’ll come out of her shell and play nice for ten days. After all, there’s no way he could turn out to be the catch his grandmother says he is. Right?

Ship Mates – Megan Becker

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