Shelve that Billionaire by Mia Sands

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Shelve that Billionaire (Bookish Billionaires of Maple Valley #1) by Mia Sands, Danika Bloom

He created the robot that stole her job… can she stop him from stealing her heart.

I’ve finally got my life on track, working at a cute little, small-town library in Maple Valley. I even put a down payment on a house, and then promptly got fired. Why, you ask? Because the new hire doesn’t need breaks and will work for free. How can I compete with that?
Smexy tech billionaire Bryan Brooks is the person to blame, and he doesn’t want my dream job for himself—that I might understand. No, he built a shelving robot named after my favorite poet and donated it to the library so that it can replace me.

I hate how good he looks in his viral posts and the fact that he has time to talk about my favorite books but can’t be bothered to find a shirt.
I’ll never forgive him. Not even when he shows me his personal library, complete with floor-to- ceiling books and a rolling ladder. And definitely not when he kisses me while whispering delicious literary quotes that set every inch of me on fire. How can I ever get over the fact that he destroyed my life

Shelve that Billionaire – Mia Sands, Danika Bloom

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