Sheltered by A.K. Evans

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Sheltered (Harper Security Ops #15) by A.K. Evans

Harlow Stout has lived a quiet and sheltered life. Needing something else, something more, she decides to break out of her shell and do something impulsive for once. She just never anticipated she’d find him.
Blaze Matthews has seen and done it all. Working for Harper Security Ops, there’s no shortage of excitement in his life. But when he meets Harlow, he thinks it’s time to start considering settling down.
Unfortunately, someone isn’t very happy with the town’s elite private investigation and security company. And they’re unwavering in their quest to take Harper Security down by any means necessary.
Just as things heat up between Blaze and Harlow, everything else starts crashing down. And when Harlow gets caught in the crossfire, she wonders if seeking a thrill was her smartest move.
Blaze has to find a way to hold onto Harlow and keep her safe from the danger while he figures out who wants to destroy them.

Sheltered – A.K. Evans

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