Shattered Wings by Demi Wilde

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Shattered Wings by Demi Wilde

When I was a kid, I met the love of my life. The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting Jaxon McBride.
Or so I thought it was.
For so many years, we were a happily married couple.
Or so I thought we were.
He was my knight in shining armor.
Or so I thought he was.

Being haunted by ghosts that thrive on secrets and lies is killing me slowly. The darkness that once receded has returned. My thoughts and my life isn’t my own anymore. I’m stuck in purgatory. It’s a never-ending cycle of guilt and unworthiness.
He told me that he loved me. He even swore it to the angels. I bet bitter lies have never tasted sweeter.
But what happens when love and betrayal collide, resulting in the ultimate sacrifice?
The only choice I have is to move forward with my life, with my daughter by my side. But what if I don’t want to live this life anymore? Everything in life happens for a reason, or so they say. I say that they are full of sh!t.
When Lachlan, my husband’s best friend, storms into my life, thinking he has the right to make decisions for me, I push him away. I push and push until the darkness takes over.
He won’t stick around. I’m a black widow, after all. I’m a poison that infects all of the people that I love. It fills their veins until there’s nothing left, literally.
Or so I think.

Shattered Wings – Demi Wilde

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