Shank by Lucian Bane

Shank (Bayou Bishops #15) by Lucian Bane – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in comments.

In book 15 of the Bayou Bishops series, you’re dragged back into the murky depths of prophecy and power, only this time, it’s through my eyes—Shank, your not-so-typical leader of the Blades Hatch.

Just when I thought life in the bayou couldn’t get any thicker, I’ve gone and fallen for Sophie, a bright spark from the Creole King’s Academy, shining with a kind of magic that’s rare even among the gifted. But love in times of darkness is a tricky path to tread, especially when you’re caught up in unraveling the secrets of the first coin of prophecy alongside King Rukem—the very man who’s seen the future etched in obsidian and gold.
The coins, cryptic and as old as the swamps themselves, whisper of an obsidian era; a time of judgment dark as the night that’s about to descend upon us. But beyond that lies the golden era—a promise of renewal and maybe, just maybe, a sliver of hope. As we dive deeper into the mysteries and dangers that lie in wait, I’ve got more than just my heart on the line.
With my blade at the ready and my soul laid bare, I’m fighting not just for survival but for a future that’s suddenly filled with more light than I ever dared to dream of. The bayou’s waters run deep, and in their reflections, we might just find the keys to our salvation—or our doom.

Welcome to a world where love battles darkness, and prophecy binds us all. This is my story, our story, and the tale of the Bayou Bishops isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot.

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