Shake Your Love by Dee Ellis

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Shake Your Love (80s Baby, #4) by Dee Ellis

Pierce Thomas
Being a former football hero in Pine Grove got me nowhere in life. I thought I might go pro before I blew out my shoulder being stupid. My temper ruined my shot to get out of Pine Grove, and that same anger has made life pretty miserable. I have no idea how to shake this off.
That is until I see the hot girl next door, who makes my misery fade away.

Paige Sanders
Moving to Pine Grove is my fresh start. I finished college with no idea what I wanted to do next. Getting out of the big city, settling somewhere, and maybe even starting a real life are all on my list. Checking these off as I go, I don’t expect to find all my to-do’s in one place.

Pierce checks off all the boxes, including the cute do you like me, yes or no box.

Shake Your Love – Dee Ellis

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