Shady Secrets & Sun Spots by Brenda Trim

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Shady Secrets & Sun Spots (Mystical Midlife in Maine #14) by Brenda Trim

Well here we go again, folks. Another day, another supernatural crisis to avert. As a middle-aged witch with a knack for trouble, you know I’m not catching any breaks in this enchanted world. Lucky for me I’ve got my partner in magical crime by my side, and we’re ready to tackle whatever the universe throws our way…

When the local sheriff, who just happens to be my best friend Stella’s husband, stumbles into my humble abode begging for our expertise, we know we’re in for a wild ride. A poor old lady just vanished into thin air with a bunch of mundies for witnesses. The authorities don’t know what to make of the reports, but at least Stella’s hubby knows all about keeping the mundanes from discovering our magical world. But that means he has to put us on the case.

Off we trot, broomsticks practically itching to take flight, as we embark on a journey that leads us straight into the heart of Salem. Did you really expect this witchy adventure to unfold anywhere else?
As it turns out, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill missing person case. Oh, no. We stumble upon a plot so wicked it would make Maleficent blush. A goddess with a vendetta, a sheriff with a secret, and an unexpected threat to my unborn babes are just the beginning. Talk about a party.

Shady Secrets & Sun Spots – Brenda Trim

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