Shadows and Desire by B.A. Stretke

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Shadows and Desire (Pittsburgh Vampires #23) by B.A. Stretke

Pittsburgh is teetering on the edge.

Kannan Leith is new to the Hadden Coven. After an old adversary cast a Hex on the Hadden Center and left the Coven reeling, Master Nik Hadden put out the call. He needed new blood, new warriors committed to the cause, and ready to join the fight. Kannan is one of the many vampires and other paranormals who answered that call, ready to swear to Master Hadden and join the fight against the darkness. Kannan isn’t a young vampire and he’s seen some things, but he’s more than ready for a new start. He thought he was prepared for anything, but he found himself completely blindsided when on a night out he runs into his fate-destined beloved. The darkness of the hex has made Pittsburgh a much more dangerous place. Danger lurks in all the shadows and bad elements are more than ready to capitalize on the darkness. This is where Kannan finds Eric Bruce, at the mercy of wolf shifters ready to do damage. Kannan is determined to keep his beloved safe and show him the depth of his love, but the path is never easy and the future is never clear. Can he keep his beloved alive when the shadows close in? Can he win the heart of the object of his desire?

When the darkness comes, Fate shines a light.

Shadows and Desire – B.A. Stretke

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