Shadow Spirit by Delta James

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Shadow Spirit (Shadow Sisters #1) by Delta James

She didn’t want a mate but fate has decided she needs two!

Forced into a world she never chose, Adriana, a witch turned against her will, has found purpose with the Shadow Sisters—warriors dedicated to rescuing women from dire situations. Having vowed never to be chained by a bond again, Adriana’s world is upended when fate introduces not one, but two fated mates into her fiercely guarded life.
Greg, the doctor from a pack in the Hamptons, offers a haven of warmth and security with his caring and gentle nature. In stark contrast, Decker, the brooding commander of the guard, stirs a wild desire in Adriana with his fierce protectiveness and dominance. Torn between the comfort of a healer and the passion of a warrior, Adriana finds herself at a crossroads of the heart.
But shadows from her past linger menacingly. The wolf who turned her still lives, maintaining a dark connection that Adriana is desperate to sever. Resolved to end his reign of terror, she embarks on a perilous mission that goes awry, forcing Greg and Decker to put aside their rivalry and combine their strengths in a race against time.

As danger escalates and old enemies resurface, Adriana’s choices will have lasting consequences. Will the combined love of her mates be enough to save her? Or will the power of her own heart lead her to a future she never imagined possible?

Shadow Spirit – Delta James

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