Seek and Cherish by Katharine Sadler [ePub]

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Seek and Cherish (Sanctuary #5) by Katharine Sadler

No one ever said finding buried treasure would be easy, but it would be a lot easier if the man helping me wasn’t so distractingly gorgeous.
I’ve never been one for big dreams or wild adventures. I love my small life, working just enough to have time for my art. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted is my sisters all together again.
Even though we’re living together, we’re drifting farther apart, each caught up in our own lives and loves. Embarking on a treasure hunting adventure might just be what we need to bring us closer. Even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone and into the dark, scary woods.
His secrets are none of my business, but the more time I spend with him, the more I care. The more I can’t stop thinking about him. Is he a distraction I don’t need, or is he the home I’ve been looking for all along?
Is true love worth losing the chance I have to bring my family together?

Seek and Cherish – Katharine Sadler

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