Seduction by Jane Henry

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Seduction (Wicked Vows #3) by Jane Henry

A scorching-hot, one-bed, bodyguard, close-proximity stand-alone romance by bestselling author, Jane Henry.

My mission is simple yet deadly—pose as the newly hired bodyguard for Vera Ivanova and assassinate her father.
But Vera, clever and defiant, doesn’t want a bodyguard. Instead, she proposes a dangerous game: I’ll be her fake husband in public.
Vera is unlike anyone I’ve encountered—intelligent, gorgeous, untamed and untouched. Everything I want and nothing I can have.
The utter destruction and demise of my ultimate plan.
Consumed by desire, I choose a new tactic: seduction.
I vow to show her a world of both pleasure and pain, a world she’s only imagined in her darkest fantasies and the pages of her books. Yet, Vera proves to be more than a match for me, ensnaring me in her own game of temptation and turning me into a man obsessed.
Now, caught in a war between duty and passion… I’m torn between the loyalty to my family and my seductive love for the enemy.

Seduction – Jane Henry

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