Seducing the Duchess by Sara Bennett

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Seducing the Duchess (Disgraceful Duchesses #1) by Sara Bennett

Sebastian is seducing the duchess…or is she seducing him?

Catherine, Dowager Duchess of Wellesley, is on her way home to her bleak castle in the North of England, when she becomes trapped in a snowbound inn. The lonely widow of an old husband, her hopes of finding a man who can show her the sort of passion she longs for, are fading. That is until she discovers the gentleman she met ten years ago, and has been dreaming of ever since, is sharing her captivity.

Is this her chance to finally make those dreams come true?

Sebastian, Viscount Albury, is on his way home to his estranged father, a man he has not seen since the tragic death of his mother. What he needs now is a distraction. For years he has lived a rake’s life in London, his heart unhindered by emotion, but when he sees Catherine something changes.

Seducing the Duchess – Sara Bennett

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