Securing Aubrey by Julia Douglas [ePub]

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Securing Aubrey (Hawthorne Security #1) by Julia Douglas

Loyalty. Obsession. Betrayal.

World-renowned singer Aubrey Gray is finally free after spending the last seven years earning money to pay for her sister’s hospital bills. When she announces her early retirement and leaves Los Angeles in the rearview, she expects some fans will be disappointed. She can handle that. What she isn’t sure how to handle is the unexpected onslaught of hateful comments, death threats, and the decapitated teddy bear sitting innocuously on her dining room table.
As her dream of freedom devolves into a nightmare, Aubrey reluctantly acknowledges she may need help. Unfortunately, her best chance for survival rests with stubborn, overprotective celebrity bodyguard Noah Hawthorne who is one big-name client away from securing a prosperous future for his company–and his team.
As their strictly business relationship blooms into a full-fledged romance, Aubrey and Noah are tested when a series of horrific events begins to unfold. Will Noah be able to protect Aubrey or will the stalker waiting in the wings outsmart them both?

Securing Aubrey – Julia Douglas

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