Second Chance Mates by Savanna Rose

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Second Chance Mates (Fated Souls #1) by Savanna Rose

Two broken souls. Two pieces of a puzzle. Two new beginnings.

When Ava escapes capture from a vicious male pack, she runs for her life and into the path of a grieving Alpha. Ava struggles to trust after being thrown into the werewolf realm and forced to forget her past through heartless violence that left invisible scars in its wake.
After Jaxon lost his mate in a brutal attack, he lost the desire to live without her. But when he stumbles across a human in desperate need of help, his wolf stirs inside him for the first time since his mate’s death. Jaxon discovers the impossible when second chance mates are known to be a myth.

The Moon Goddess has blessed them with a miracle. But can Ava and Jaxon work through the trauma of their pasts to give themselves another chance at life?
True love might be the greatest healer of all.

Second Chance Mates – Savanna Rose

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