Seared By The Monster by Merry Ravenell

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Seared By The Monster (Mates of Planet 25XA #3) by Merry Ravenell

Alien griddles get very hot…

When the alien facility that’s been holding you captive goes boom, you get out by any means necessary. Even if it means following along behind the big grumpy alien-dragon guy that looks like he’s been carved out of an overly large ruby. Or stealing a shuttle. Or blasting off to who-knows-where. Anywhere but here is good.

The fact that the grouchy alien tells me we can never go back to Gestalt space doesn’t bother me either. When I said I’d rather be anywhere than that facility being a Grey lab rat, I meant it. I tell him to drop me off at the nearest port, which he does–and then he refuses to leave. Instead, he decides to set up an intergalactic dive diner and I get to be the waitstaff.

He could just leave me here. He doesn’t owe me anything. He doesn’t even ask me a lot of questions about my time with the Greys, and he’s such a gentleman about everything I’m sure he’s up to something. Why else would he want to stay on this crappy moon, playing house with me?
Third brother Ahane meets his match in the Human Thalia.

Seared By The Monster – Merry Ravenell

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