Scorned Love by Victoria Paige

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Scorned Love (Scorned Fate #3) by Victoria Paige

Shallow. Unappealing.
Nico De Lucci’s biting opinion of her is seared into Ivy’s brain.
Not that she should care.
No way is she giving Nico the power to whittle away at her self-confidence.
Confidence she fought so hard to achieve.
Obnoxious. Mr. Satan.
Choice words Ivy Wu reserves especially for him.
He will do anything and say anything to protect his sister from Ivy’s influence.
Even if she paints him as the villain.

When Ivy gets entangled with Nico’s old rival,
he steps in to protect her because she’s his friend’s baby sister.
Combustible heat flares between them.
They give in to one scorching hate-filled night.
But one night is not enough.
Especially when a De Lucci becomes obsessed.

Scorned Love – Victoria Paige

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