Scorn of the Betrothed by Zoe Blake

Scorn of the Betrothed (Cavalieri Billionaire Legacy #5) by Zoe Blake – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A union forged in vengeance, bound by hate, and beneath it all…a twisted game of power.
The true legacy of the Cavalieri family, my birthright, ties me to a woman I despise:the daughter of the mafia boss who nearly ended my family.Making her both my enemy…and my future wife.The hatred is mutual; she has no desire for me to be her groom.A prisoner to her families’ ambitions, she’s desperate for a way out.My duty is to guard her, to ensure she doesn’t escape her gilded cage.But every moment spent with her, every spark of anger, adds fuel to the growing fire of desire between us.We’re trapped in a volatile duel of passion and fury.Yet, the more I try to tame her, the more she fights me,Our impending marriage becomes a dangerous game.Now, as the wedding draws near, my suspicions grow.My bride is not who she claims.

Scorn of the Betrothed – Zoe Blake ePUB

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