Say You’ll Stay by Fortuna Lux

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Say You’ll Stay (Shattered Hearts Duet #1) by Fortuna Lux

My best friend for seven years, always there but never quite enough. His flirting at fancy galas sends me over the edge. Juniper Deveaux, heir to a business empire, is dangerously hot and fiercely ambitious. I should run from his dark intensity, but I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Torn between anger and desire, I’m losing control. I want to resist his magnetic pull, but every touch ignites a fire within me. Falling for June will destroy me, shattering my world into a million pieces.

Cara’s innocence is a red flag, a warning sign I shouldn’t ignore. I want to corrupt her, taint her purity with my darkness. I crave her body, yearning to claim every inch of her creamy skin. Love is a weakness I can’t afford, a vulnerability I vowed never to expose. I only intended to seduce her, to indulge in the heat between us. But now I find myself wanting more, craving a connection beyond the physical. Accepting my growing feelings for Cara would mean confronting the shadows of my past.

Two childhood best friends. An undeniable attraction. A love that could destroy them both.

Say You’ll Stay – Fortuna Lux

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