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Say You Will (Trust & Tequila #3) by Evangeline Williams

I have one month to make her mine.
Billionaire vigilantes don’t have time for feelings. I have a business empire to run, criminals to keep the hell out of this city, and blood stains to scrub from my shirt cuffs. I’m also in desperate need of a wife.
Franki Lennox is the only woman I’ve ever pictured in the role. Surely, it can’t be that difficult to woo a woman. Once I get a grip on all the inexplicable sweating and cardiac symptoms that plague me in her presence, I’ll have my former childhood friend picking out her own engagement ring in no time flat.

The gentle boy I loved is gone. Now, he’s a man with scars on his knuckles and ice in his veins.
Henry can shove his offensive marriage proposal up his asinine ego. As we work together on his newest business venture, however, a different Henry emerges. One who is kind. Thoughtful. Seductive as the devil.
But trust doesn’t come easily for someone like me. And when chaos descends, it’s clear nothing has been quite what it seems. His legacy and my heart hang in the balance.

Henry McRae may be no stranger to peril, but this time he’s fighting for his wife.

Say You Will – Evangeline Williams

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