Saving Paige by Kaite M

Saving Paige (The Moore Mafia) by Kaite M – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

PaigeI spent my teenage years being abused by a monster my mom happily brought into my life. I escaped when I was 18 in hopes of never seeing him again.Then I met him.The leader of the Irish mafia in New York. He makes me feel things I didn’t know I could.He wants to protect me and save me from the man behind all my trauma.There’s just one issue. I’ve been taken by an entirely new monster.So I have a question…Is Heaven real? I know Hell is. I’ve been living in it.
DeclanTorturing people has always been the one thing I could look forward to as the leader of the Irish mob.I feel alive when I tear them apart.That was until I met her.A beautiful tortured woman. Her past makes her scared to allow me to keep her.But she was mine the moment I laid eyes on her.Her fear made her run and then someone took her from me.Little do they know, I will burn everything in my way to find her.There is nothing that will stop me from saving Paige.

Saving Paige – Kaite M ePUB

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