Saving Londyn by Elle James

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Saving Londyn (Brotherhood Protectors Yellowstone #9) by Elle James

Former Delta Force Operator, Nash Nelson, is out of the Army after fourteen years of giving his all to his country. With both external and internal scars, he’s struggling to find his place in a civilian world where his combat skills seem to be more of a hindrance than an asset. Recruited by Hank Patterson and Stone Jacobs, he’s skeptical about his first assignment as a bodyguard to an actress on a set in Wyoming. Has all his special combat training been downgraded to being a babysitter for a spoiled young woman?

Londyn Tyler-Lovejoy is reluctantly following in her mother’s. As the daughter of actress Dana Tyler, she’s spent her life avoiding attention, preferring to live her life on their Montana ranch. Now, as the lead in a movie she’s the target of the paparazzi and someone who wants her to fail or…die.

When her mother hires Brotherhood Protectors to safeguard her only daughter, Londyn chafes at the interference. Life on the ranch forged her independence. Having a man follow her everywhere she goes is frustrating in more ways than one. As her privacy is invaded and attempts on her life increase, the need for her to stay close to her bodyguard inspires a new range of emotions and unexpected passion neither asked for nor can deny.

Saving Londyn – Elle James

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