Saved By the Billionaire by Blair Babylon

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Saved by the Billionaire (Twisted Billionaires #6) by Blair Babylon

From best-selling author Blair Babylon comes the edge-of-your-seat conclusion to the spicy romantic suspense thriller Stolen by the Billionaire, where ex-Navy SEAL Blaze Robinson takes on the Russian bratva to save the unlikely love of his life, a small-town farm girl with a horse obsession. If only her older brother weren’t the leader of that organized crime syndicate and his best friend.

I am an American Navy SEAL, and I would never have been forced into serving an evil Russian bratva, except that they are threatening the love of my life.
Even though I only met Sarah Bell a week ago, we’ve been on the run, attacked by assassins, driven across half the country, rescued a horse, and fallen in love.
I’ve fallen for her too hard and too fast, and I’ll do anything to save her from the Mafia queen who considers Sarah a liability.
In the beginning, I joked that Sarah’s older brother, my best friend, would kill me if I went too far with her. The problem is that he’s mixed up with the Russian mafia, and his assignment is to murder both of us.

An American Navy SEAL is at their most dangerous when they begin to improvise, and I have only begun to fight for us and for her.

Saved by the Billionaire – Blair Babylon

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