Savage Lover by Lore Townsend

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Savage Lover (Off-Limits Lovers) by Lore Townsend

“Do you like scary movies?”
Little did I know the mysterious vixen who picked me up in a bar one night would have me starring in my own.
I invited her to a penthouse upstairs…
I did not invite her to make me question my grasp on reality.
I’m used to being in control. Control of myself, control of my life…control of my dark desires.
But when that girl runs, the beast inside me comes out to chase her.
I should be focused on finding my son and getting his butt in the seat I secured for him at Harvard.

Instead, I’ve got my hands wrapped around the throat of this wild, addictive woman while she screams everything but her safeword.
For the first time since my wife passed over a decade ago, I’m considering letting go of the promise I made to be the perfect role model for my son and invite Victoria to join my real life in New York when her contract at the resort is up.
But there’s something about the way she keeps our relationship a secret from everyone around her that gives me pause.
I know every inch of her curvy, athletic body. I know where she’ll hide when I chase her. I know just how it feels when those glassy green eyes pierce into me as I give into yet another of her scary games.

But old habits die hard, and I’ve been a lawyer for too long to let this go.
If one of my clients came to me with this situation…
I’d tell him he doesn’t really know that woman at all.

Savage Lover – Lore Townsend

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