Salvation by E. J. Lawson

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Salvation (Wild Heat #2) by E. J. Lawson

When I presented as an Omega and ran away from home I had only one goal in mind: to disappear.
I was doing a damn good job of it, too…until I caught their scents.
Denver, the alpha-hole mercenary with a heart of stone.

Memphis, the cinnamon roll hunter-tracker with fire in his soul.
And Camden, the golden retriever survivalist with kind blue eyes.
I should’ve stayed away, but I could barely think through the heat threatening to burn me up from the inside out.
By the time I discovered they were a team put together by my sadistic stepfamily to drag me home, it was already too late.
Too late to run. Too late to hide. And definitely too late to stop my wild heat from affecting us all in ways more permanent than I ever could’ve imagined.

Salvation – E. J. Lawson

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