Saint’s Shelter by Joy Danvers

Saint’s Shelter (Alden Security #4) by Joy Danvers – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I’ve run True Colors for years. My mission in life is to give kids who have been cast out of their homes for their gender and sexual identities a safe place.When a new kid shows up, I become the target of a ruthless and wealthy adversary who is determined to end both my work and my life.My brother Shiloah insists on hiring a bodyguard for me. Soon it becomes apparent that Rio wants to do more than protect my body; he’s also everything I need to heal my soul.Hiding out and on the run seems like a dangerous time to fall head over heels, but Rio makes it impossible to resist. He may be able to keep my body intact, but what about my heart?

Saint’s Shelter – Joy Danvers ePUB

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