Ruthless Vows by Elizabeth Knox [ePub]

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Ruthless Vows (Wife for Hire Agency) by Elizabeth Knox

He chose me, and now I have no way out of this.

I ran from my old life, wanting to leave the Hawthorne name along with it.
For the first time in my life, I was living in peace.
Only, my peace was short-lived.
I was running out of cash and I couldn’t call daddy dearest. If I did, he’d know where I was.
So, a friend hooked me up with an interview at a wife for hire agency. I was given a job and a week later, I was chosen.
The pay would be phenomenal and all of my needs would be met. It seemed like a win-win for me. Show up when I was needed and convince people in his life we were madly in love.
I knew what I signed up for, but what I didn’t know was who I was marrying.
I had no idea Lorenzo DiGiovanni was the ruthless leader of the Italian mafia, but apparently, he knew exactly who I was all along.

Ruthless Vows – Elizabeth Knox

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