Ruthless Little Games by Lane Hart

Ruthless Little Games (Sin City Mafia #2) by Lane Hart – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

My older sister ran away from home to avoid being forced into an arranged marriage with the mafia family blamed for her mother’s death. Now that burden has fallen to me.Eighteen and sheltered, my life has only ever revolved around the familiar comfort of the tennis court. I’ve always been shielded from the brutal realities of my father’s world, protected from his enemies. Enemies like Lochlan Dunne, who my father now wants as an ally.Lochlan is a ruthless businessman everyone fears.

His family’s wealth was built on the flesh trade. One he has been rumored to frequently enjoy, making us complete opposites. I’m so inexperienced that just being alone in the same room with the gorgeous tyrant terrifies me.My terror only turns him on. In fact, Lochlan can’t even wait until our wedding night to claim my innocence in the most ruthless way.I love provoking him and hate how badly I want to surrender to him, but I can’t risk falling for a man who’ll only hurt me.

That’s why I give him an ultimatum before we say our vows: Be faithful to me or I’ll never share his bed or my body with him again.Lochlan is too stubborn to cave to anyone’s demands. However, the longer I refuse him, the more desperate he becomes to have me.Teasing and taunting him during our tumultuous honeymoon period is all fun and games until someone in his inner circle tries to kill me.

Ruthless Little Games – Lane Hart ePUB

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