Ruptured Light by K.R. Richard

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Ruptured Light: A Destruction of Gods by K.R. Richard

Assassin. Executioner. Butcher.

Call her what you will, but Orien’s life belongs to someone else. Someone who uses her as a tool, an asset to gain power and strength. Alister Altair, King of Univier, controls her every move.
The years of slaughtering for hire make her numb to herself and the beauty of the world around her – and within her – until her eyes land on a woman she has never seen before. A woman whose beauty sheds the scales from her eyes.

Prisoner. Captive. Hostage.

Slavery is Elisiah’s reality, her life spent inside the castle walls of Univier. Her wicked mother and a corrupt King watch every move she makes so that she fits exactly into their evil plan. She has never known a life of freedom, and she dreams of better days – until she decides to take her freedom into her own hands and make those dreams her new reality.
Elisiah makes one rash decision and ends up trading one captor for another. One she has only heard about in tales meant to bring horror and fear to those who heard them.
But is Orien really a captor? Is she really as terrifying as everyone has made her out to be all these years? They escape the evil man who holds them both for very different reasons, and as they journey, they discover what makes them unique also makes them the same.

Ruptured Light: A Destruction of Gods – K.R. Richard

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  • Date May 25, 2024
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