Ruined Wolf by Elizabeth Blackthorne [ePub]

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Ruined Wolf (Claimed by the Sea Wolves #2) by Elizabeth Blackthorne

What have I done?

Now bound to Maverick and Lucas as their omega, Nova realises both her life and her heart are now in danger as she falls deeper in love with the Scott brothers. With her pregnancy progressing like a ticking clock, and her carefully constructed stories beginning to unravel, she frantically continues to search for the Spanish gold, believing it to be her only way out if the brothers discover who she truly is and how she has betrayed them.
Nova isn’t the only one on Desolation Island with secrets however, and as she searches for the truth about Jaxon’s past, she begins to unravel a web of deceit that stretches far back into the past, to the truth about the alphas’ father and the future of the island.
Her secrets haunt her every move, but it is Lucas’s secrets that rise like a tidal wave, threatening to consume them both in a maelstrom of his own inner torment and despair. Determined to put things right, Nova knows she is risking her heart and hew new family in order to come clean, but will it be enough, or will the truth break them apart forever?

Ruined Wolf – Elizabeth Blackthorne

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