Ruined By the Rebel by Eve London

Ruined by the Rebel (Rebel Hearts MC) by Eve London – Download this book in ePUB or in PDF for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Danger forces us together while forbidden desire threatens to tear us apart.
BessWith my parents settling in a new town, I came home for the summer. All I want is a quiet place to work on my remote internship and build my portfolio as a graphic designer. But with its undercurrent of danger and deceit, the Maplewood, Texas is anything but simple. Caught in a storm of forbidden attraction, I’m inexplicably drawn to Triton, a rugged biker whose age and experience should have put him worlds apart from me. As threats close in, his fierce protectiveness is both a comfort and a confusion, blurring the lines between guardian and more.
TritonMaplewood holds its secrets close, and so do I—until Bess. Her spirit is as bold as her curves are captivating, challenging every boundary I’ve set. When danger targets her, our worlds collide in the most unexpected ways, sparking a forbidden desire that threatens to consume us both. Protecting her means breaking my own rules, but as the stakes rise, I’m forced to decide if I’m guarding her life or claiming her heart.
Ride into love with the Rebel Hearts MC! Some of your favorite authors have teamed up to bring you the Rebel Hearts MC series! It’s angst light, but heavy on the steam and romance!

Ruined by the Rebel – Eve London ePUB

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