Rugged Alpha by Lorelei M. Hart [ePub]

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Rugged Alpha (Omegas Inn Love #5) by Lorelei M. Hart

I walked into the wilderness one day, needing more space and air than this world could offer. Few bears survive the loss of a mate, and I couldn’t see why anyone would want to..
Eventually, I started a wilderness and survival experience to teach people what to do in case of disaster or a life-or-death situation. I’d only been armed with limited knowledge and a pen in my pocket. Without my bear, I’d have died within a week —not that I would have minded at the time —but now that sanity had returned, I needed a job and wanted to help others. The groups I work with are great, but they can’t ease the loneliness of a bear without a mate.
On one of my monthly supply runs to pick up supplies, I check my PO Box and find a letter from somewhere called the Bearclaw Inn. Even I’ve heard of it…nobody leaves without a mate. Is there truly a possibility I can live more than a half-life?
Two weeks ago, I had a hard conversation with my parents that left us in a silent standoff. I quit halfway through a business degree because sitting in a cafe and pouring over boring marketing studies confirmed that I hated everything about the subject. I did not want to make my life about money and power. Like my father.
But I can’t stay at home like a child, with no point to my existence. I need a fresh start. A new way to live. Maybe even a mate.
When I get a letter from the Bearclaw Inn, inviting me for the weekend, I jump at the chance to not only have some time to think but a shot at finding an alpha who will want a wayward wolf like me.

Rugged Alpha – Lorelei M. Hart

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