Royally Rugged by J.P. Sterling

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Erralee has a decision to make. One choice promises to save lives and end a ruthless war. The other is her one shot at true love.
Erralee D’LongMy fate was stolen the day my arrogant father made a deal to save his country. Now, I’ve promised to marry a powerful king of a faraway kingdom.Sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s a nightmare.The only feelings I have for this man are dread, dread, and more dread.Since I have no desire to be betrothed, I’m running away.Problem solved.Reeves MathewsDischarged from the army with a single pat on the back and a prosthetic hand, all I want is a fresh start. I’m happy to score the last plot of farmland from the king’s recent auction. Excited to get on with my life alone, everything is going according to plan until a snowstorm traps the girl next door at my house.Did I mention she’s beautiful?As hard as I try to fight our connection, I can’t deny there’s something there.Oh, yeah, I forgot to say she’s also a princess, who is engaged to a king who owns the most powerful army.Lucky me, right?

Royally Rugged – J.P. Sterling ePUB

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