Royally Fated by Skye Wilson

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Royally Fated (Fated Love, Fated War #2) by Skye Wilson

I’m cursed to love my fated mate…

My fated mate, Ayla, is a beautiful and gifted healer. She’s also dangerously cursed and a deadly risk to those closest to her. Especially me.
With my power-hungry, cruel father, King DeLune, after us, I’m beginning to think I’m cursed too. My father will do anything to destroy me and win this war, including killing Ayla.
Our only chance of survival is to escape to Verdana Isle, where Ayla is more determined than ever to find a way to break her curse so that we can claim each other. Meanwhile, I must do everything in my power to rally those around us to fight on our side.
Except our enemies aren’t far behind, and it’s worse than I feared. The one who cursed Ayla is among them, and unless I can protect her, we may never get the chance to be together.
But first I intend to make him curse the day he dared to threaten my fated mate…

Royally Fated – Skye Wilson

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