Rook by London Lennox

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Rook (West Coast Inkverse) by London Lennox

The pack’s going to Oasis, baby.
We thought we rooted out the source of the drug plaguing our streets, but now there’s a new source somewhere in the Mojave Desert…a wasteland of feral alphas and blistering heat.

Plus, my former friend is taking on my boss for king of the Angels.
Aisling is still collecting power like trading cards, Gunnar is AWOL, Luka is cloistered in his spooky old church, and the Rossis are up to something. Me? I’m just trying to survive and sell drugs, like I always have.

But now there’s a twist–I’m falling for Gunnar’s girl, just like everyone else.
Our pack is about to take a journey to Oasis, the pleasure palace of the west. While there, we’ll have to get rid of this source of eros, make peace between Gunnar and the rest of us…oh, and I’ll have to resist Aisling’s charms.
Seems like an easy to-do list for a vacation, right?

Rook – London Lennox

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