Rocco by Angel Vane

Rocco (Stingray Security #2) by Angel Vane – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Rocco Forrester, a DEA agent haunted by his father’s unsolved murder, has spent years undercover, driven by an unwavering commitment to bring down drug cartels. Jemma Winters, a brilliant and uncompromising supervisor of an elite team overseeing complex DEA undercover operations, is consumed by her quest for justice, fueled by the guilt of a tragic betrayal from her past.Three years ago, Rocco and Jemma’s undeniable attraction nearly consumed them as they worked to bring down an elusive and notorious drug cartel. Duty drove them to push away their feelings, but now, Jemma is back as Rocco’s new handler. The heat between them reignites, burning hotter than ever. Rocco must navigate the treacherous mission while fighting the resurgence of their simmering chemistry.But a shadowy figure from Jemma’s past is watching from the shadows, waiting for the chance to exact revenge and destroy her once and for all. When Jemma is kidnapped, Rocco will risk everything to save the woman he loves and uncover the truth behind a haunting injustice that has plagued Jemma for years.
In a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, Rocco and Jemma must confront shattering secrets from their pasts, face their deepest fears, and decide how much they will sacrifice for duty, justice, and a love that defies all odds.

Rocco – Angel Vane ePUB

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