Ride With Beckett by Kristin Lee [ePub]

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Ride With Beckett (Ride With Me) by Kristin Lee

What more could a woman want than an engine with one hundred Horse Power between her legs?
Maybe an older man that knows how to use it?

Who knew that after my parents sent me to college, I would return to my small town and overhear my dad arranging a marriage—for me? To a man at least ten years older than me and from a motorcycle club.
Does that even happen in the twenty first century?

Being a Daddy’s girl, I know just what to do to get out of this ridiculous idea.

Plan A: Cry.
Plan B: Beg.
Plan C: Marry the guy long enough for my dad to get what he wants and then run away.

Then I see him and the last thing on my mind is running away. He grows on me like a vine wrapping my heart. and now I can’t wait to straddle his bike and feel the power of this man and his machine.
When I begin to dream of riding off into the sunset, will his motive for marrying me destroy not only me but my family?

Ride With Beckett – Kristin Lee

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