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Rhuyin (Sons of Hecate #2) by Mellanie Rourke

Rhuyin is a Soma, a shapeshifter created by the gods with one purpose: find his Mageian partner and Bond with them to protect them with his life. The problem is, no Mageian wants to bond with a Soma with a disability: Rhuyin is mostly deaf. He struggles with self-doubt in a society that expects perfection from its Somas. After being forced to remain on the sidelines while others search for their matches, he joins Omada, a suicide squad of Somas who have given up hope of finding their mates. He just can’t shake the face of the man with eyes like the deep blue sea and the heart of a warrior. When fate draws them back together, Rhuyin begins to think hope may not be lost after all.

Luke was born Lucien Alexus, Prince of Alexandria, but when his Mageian powers manifested he was disinherited and condemned to a life of slavery in the country’s infamous Legion. He, along with a contingent of Alexandria Mageians, has escaped to the country of Illyria, where they hope to build new lives in a free society. But Luke is struggling with the burdens of leadership: so many people look to him to help save them, protect them, lead them, and the Somas all look to him with the desperate hope that he will somehow solve the massive imbalance of Soma to Mageia ratio. The pressure is overwhelming. How can he save them when he can’t even save himself?

Then a young Soma who sparkling green eyes walks into his life…and into his heart. Together they can either save the Legionnaires enslaved in Alexandria…or doom them all.

Rhuyin – Mellanie Rourke

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