Rewriting Grey by L.A. Ferro

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“Bad choices make epic stories. Write one with me.”
Iverson Grey wasn’t supposed to be my happily ever after.He wasn’t even on my radar.I came to Copper Falls, expecting to settle my sister’s estate and learn about the woman I never knew existed until I was notified of her death. Little did I know that stories about her weren’t the only thing that awaited me in the small town.The first time I met the enigmatic Iverson Grey, my car broke down on the side of the road.

The second time, he spilled his coffee on me, and by the third, I was letting him have his way with me behind a bar. It was only supposed to be one time, a quick summer hookup in a town I was passing through with a man I’d never see again.But a week after arriving at the Blackthorn Estate, a twist of fate reveals the home I thought was my sister’s belonged to the one man I haven’t been able to forget. Our chemistry is intense, all-consuming, and utterly wrong.He was my dead sister’s ex—forbidden.However, the more time we’re forced to spend together, the more I discover nothing is what it seems. The lines between right and wrong get blurry, and not all perfect endings are black and white. Sometimes, they’re grey, and somewhere in the grey lies the truth, and when it comes out, there’s no predicting the ending.

Rewriting Grey – L.A. Ferro ePUB

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