Reviving Vivi by Michelle Moras

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Reviving Vivi (Ballerinas & Billionaires #2) by Michelle Moras

Center Stage meets Grey’s Anatomy in this Ballerinas & Billionaires novella!
He’ll mend her bones, she’ll heal his lonely heart, but can they find the ultimate remedy in each other?

Vivika, a prima ballerina, finds herself alone in a pub after being betrayed by her boyfriend. She ends up meeting Marco, a charming doctor, who makes her forget her troubles when they share a steamy night together, knowing they’ll never cross paths again. But when Vivika faces a career-threatening injury, Marco becomes her surgeon, thrusting them into each other’s lives. Amidst her recovery, they navigate a roller coaster of emotions, as the lines between patient and doctor are blurred. But as reality sets in and Vivika’s career beckons her back to Berlin, they must confront whether their connection can withstand the pressures of distance and ambition, or will they be left longing for what could have been?

Reviving Vivi – Michelle Moras

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