Reverb by Zoe Piper

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Reverb (Larkspur #3) by Zoe Piper

Liam Jones is the rational, business-minded, quiet one of acclaimed band Larkspur. As their bass guitarist, he enjoys letting his more flamboyant bandmates take the limelight. He keeps everyone on an even keel and prides himself on being the one they turn to when they need something. Until one of them doesn’t.
Wracked with guilt at not noticing the stress his best friend was under, and after Mark quits the band, Liam feels like everything is spiraling out of control.

Miles Cartwright signed Larkspur when they were high-school seniors and has been with them throughout their rise to success. He considers himself their friend, and their manager, so when he notices Liam acting out of character, he knows something is wrong.
Liam is ashamed to admit how he’s been handling his stress levels, but a chance conversation and confrontation with Miles provides them both with an outlet that reveals a deeper connection beyond friendship.

Reverb – Zoe Piper

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