Revenge in the Rogue’s Hideaway by Deb Marlowe

Revenge in the Rogue’s Hideaway (The Kier and Levett Mysteries #4) by Deb Marlowe – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

You can find every kind of entertainment in the Rogue’s Hideaway—song, dance, comedy… and murder.The exposure of Niall Kier’s secrets has largely been contained. None of it bothered Miss Kara Levett, in any case. She is fully ready to move forward with their personal plans, but Niall is hesitant, worried he might still face consequences or that she might be affected by scandal or threat.Kara has been patient, but she’s growing frustrated—until they are both distracted when a murder in the Rogue’s Hideaway, the most infamous music hall in London, takes a personal turn.

A friend pleads for intervention in the case and they find an unexpected ally—and perhaps more—in the club’s brazen owner.Tensions grow with each twist and turn in the case as Kara and Niall pursue theories and suspects through glittering Society, the splashy theatre community and into the busy, financial world that keeps the Empire afloat.

Revenge in the Rogue’s Hideaway – Deb Marlowe ePUB

Download Revenge in the Rogue’s Hideaway by Deb Marlowe

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