Return to Sanibel Island by June Woods

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Return to Sanibel Island (The Complete Florida Secrets Series) by June Woods

Willow Shorts has told herself the same thing for years – she doesn’t want a divorce. But deep down, she knows there’s more to life than laundry and loneliness. Her husband, Charlie, had promised to give up his workaholic ways this summer. But it’s been months, and nothing has changed.

In an act of desperation, Willow leaves her husband a note, drives south through the night, to stay at her best friend’s summer cottage on Sanibel Island.
The first few days are filled with sandy streets, sunshine and crystal blue water, just as she imagined. It’s only after 4 days have passed that she realizes Charlie hasn’t called, and no one has seen him since the night she left.
What began as an ideal getaway, quickly becomes a desperate search to find her missing husband. When a local cop, Tommy Rodgers, gets assigned the case, he’s determined to solve it quickly and move on. But it appears there’s a lot Charlie wasn’t telling Willow.
The more secrets Willow uncovers, the less she wants to know. And just as her entire life starts to crumble, Tommy realizes he is the only one who can save her from ruin.

This beachside mystery romance is full of secrets, truths and unforeseen love that will keep you curious and wanting more.

Return to Sanibel Island – June Woods

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