Resisting You by E.M. Lindsey

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Resisting You (Words We Never Said #2) by E.M. Lindsey

“Do you think I can go to jail for cutting holes in all the toes of my boss’s socks? Because that’s where I’m at in life.”
Frey’s a single dad, a nurse, and ready to wage a one-sided prank war against the arrogant surgeon with the sexy accent he keeps getting paired up with. And while there might be more to Dr. Renato Agosti, Frey isn’t sure he wants to feel anything but hatred for the man who said his biggest accomplishment was that he never met a resident he couldn’t make cry.
But everything changes the day Frey’s pranks go too far, and Renato corners him behind closed doors. In a series of bad decisions, hate turns into something else—something forbidden and delicious—and it doesn’t take long before Frey realizes the fine line between hate and love has started to blur.
Frey’s not sure he has room in his life for something complicated with a man who doesn’t know what he wants, though. He has a son to worry about, and a future to figure out. Still, the more Frey and Renato keep sneaking around, the more Frey starts to realize his feelings might be real.
He just needs to figure out if resisting Renato is worth the pain, or if loving him is worth the cost.

Resisting You – E.M. Lindsey

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